Theatre/ Performance 

Course description:

Self Expression is a major key to success in all areas of our lives.

This course is designed to free up our ability to express who we are and free ourselves

from limiting beliefs we may hold about the world

and ourselves in it.

We will also be working within the eternal "Tension Field" traditionally existing between the Individual and the Group, encourage our own uniqueness to flourish while finding ways to come together as a Group, creating a sense of belonging through natural cohesion and (facilitated) relational dynamics .

Our creative forces are unleashed when we are able to practically transcend the fear of "making mistakes" and "getting it wrong", which prevents many people from even trying things out.

One vital strategy to get there is to consciously work with aspects within us all that are traditionally shamed and repressed and using various time-proven "Performance and Theatre" settings to elicit parts that are necessary to heal and re-integrate in order to get to a place of inner wholeness and holistic health.


This is achieved by accessing a broad spectrumed palette of different tools: 

@ Movement

@ Sound creation

@ Theatrical settings 

@ Performance Tools

@ various Props

@ Group work


Requirements:        Willingness to experiment

Duration:                   2 hours

Course Facilitator: Various