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Ways into natural Relaxation


Course Vision: Stress is a killer and it is the number 1 killer in our modern day world. It affects everybody, everywhere. Understanding how to relax naturally is a profound tool to feel great, be healthy and prevent illness.


Course outline: A selection of time proven methods are being introduced  include:

  • Various Breathing Techniques

  • Group Chant and Basic Sound Healing

  • Meditation

  • Simple Energy healing tools to self correct stress 

  • Physical Tools to faciltate deep relaxation


In order to ensure the powerful relaxation tools introduced to the participants will be “experientially” understood, we will be repeating the same program each week.

The repeat over 12 weeks of the same program is allowing the holistic benefits of the relaxation program to become very obvious.

As a result of repetition enabling the actual re-wiring of the old brain and the creation of entirely new neuro-pathways within the individual “experiencer”.


Requirements: Willingness to experiment, Yoga mats to sit and lie on,  

                               Blankets to cover

Duration:             1.5 hour

Course leader: Various different facilitators using different Relaxation                                                      Approaches



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