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Recycling Sculpture workshop


Course vision: The idea is to introduce the workshop participants to the idea that Art is to be found everywhere if our perspective is expanded towards understanding literally anything discarded can be put to use if retrain our (Creator) eyes, use our imagination and apply creative processes.


Session Content: Participants are encouraged to think outside of the classical Art box in regards to building pieces from scrap.


Course structure:

The first session of altogether 12 will be introducing them to Recycling Art, using videos and books illustrating how everyday waste can be turned into valuable (functional) Art objects.

(eg  The scrap house )

For session 2 the participants will be asked to bring something they have found in the streets, something from their own house they wanted to discard, something they have sourced from a scrap yard or surplus from a shop.

Course objective:  During the course We are working towards an actual finished object, using basic tools such as scissors, needles, glues and paint.

Requirements: spectrum of different simple tools such as scissors, an assortment of different glues, wool, needles, staple gun, nails, hammer, screws and screwdriver etc

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