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Our Recycling Ethos

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes,

but in having new eyes."



At the core of our approach is the Re-rooting of and / or the (experiential)

Re-Education of our innate Creator Consciousness.

Please click HERE for a comprehensive definition of what we mean

with Our Innate Creativity


In our various workshops we emphasise practical care and consideration

for our shared environments and nature through a creative, innovation-driven and responsible use of both: material resources and energy.


This is being achieved by systematically • Recycle • Re-Purpose • Re- Use •

Essentially we are facilitating the “Up – Cycling” and craft- fully mending of objects, materials and tools that have been discarded by others and are retrieved through communal actions by collecting "waste", packaging and surplus materials available in Factories, Shops and Dumping grounds

or treasures simply picked up from the streets of London.


Our mission is to go much further than simply raising awareness in this matter,

but to impart useful entrepreneurial skills through trained facilitators, such as:

• The creation of functional Art,

• Furniture making,

• Nutritional Healing, Food planting in urban spaces, Cooking and foraging 

• Textiles Art or

• Bicycle building, maintenance and repair to name a few,

thus stimulating the confidence, unique creativity and instilling a 'Can do' attitude in the individuals and the communities we are working with.


This whole Recycling concept does not simply focus on the use of  traditional “Art” – resources, but includes healthy food- leftovers to be picked up

from Health food stores, restaurants and supermarkets to be used and prepared into delicious dishes in our café.

One of the many  beautiful demonstrations of "public Recycling Art" can be viewed HERE

The ScrapHouse built in 2006

entirely from so called "Waste masterial"

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