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World Music Choir



Course vision:

Music is a universal way to bypass societal dividers, allowing creative Self/expression and done within a diverse group it is a marvelous way to instill unity consciousness.

It is also a wonderful natural method to teach social skills organically, through the process of blending together many different voices into one coherent piece of music as well as the shifting focus between individual contribution through solo work and working towards group harmony alternatingly.


Session content:

We will be aiming of covering every continent and culture, choosing popular, easy to learn shorter musical pieces.

We will be promoting openness towards the unique contributions different world cultures are bringing to the human collective.

Participants are encouraged to bring music compositions reflecting their own ethnic background to be learned in the session.

We will be working towards regular performances at various Open Mic events



Passion to express yourself through singing combined with a Willingness to experiment and collaborate with others towards performances.

Duration :

1.5 hours (Including a general voice and physical warm up) over 12 weeks

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